Sum story points by epic cross project

Hello, I am trying to sum the story points for epics while also displaying epic level fields. I currently have Issue > Epic and story points created but it is creating multiple entries for the same epic with story points connected to each project. For example, one epic has stories on 3 teams thus creating the epic three times with story points associated for each project.

Here are two possible solutions for this:

  1. You can use Epic Link dimension to see all issues for one Epic. Epic Link dimension has a project level as well. However, this project-level represents a project of the Epic.

Epic Link dimension works the best when you would like to analyze issues in epics. This dimension does not pull in data from epics and sub-tasks, though. You would need to use custom calculations to pull in values for Epics, though. Here is one report example in our demo account using Epic Link.

  1. You can define a new hierarchy with levels Epic>Parent>Sub-tasks by removing the project level. Here is a definition for Epic without project hierarchy described in our documentation.

With this approach, you can use the new Issue hierarchy for your report, and any default measure will work there.

Daina /