Summarize Issue's Custom Field in Status Dimension


I need to create a report with Assignee and Status as rows and a custom number field (Number of calls) as a column. The problem is custom field is available in ISSUE dimension, but not in STATUS. I can add ISSUE to rows but then it will add all the issues while all I need is a summarized value per user/status.

The report should look like this:

User ID Status Number of Calls
User A Backlog 5
User A In Progress 25
User A Done 50
User B Backlog 20
User B Cancelled 100
User B Done 35
User C Backlog 5
User C In Progress 2

How can I create a summarized value of an issue’s custom field in status dimension?


Hi, @Paul1

To create a report with summarised custom field values, you must import your custom field as a measure. Go to Source Data and choose Edit and in the Custom fields tab, find your custom field and select “Import as measure”. Perform the import.

You’ll be able to read more on how numeric custom fields are imported into eazyBI here.

In the report, choose rows as you did (User and Status), but in columns, choose to measure with your custom field, for example, created. And you will get the summarized value. See the picture below:

Best regards,
Ilze Mezite,

Hi Ilze,

Thank you for your response. It works now as expected!