Summarize the work log based on their comments

Dear Community,

We have a dedicated Jira issue in every sprint to log our interrupts in the sprints.
We use the Work Log functionality of the Jira to log our unplanned issues.
Every work log shall contain a comment about the reason of the interrupt.
The comment shall contain a prefixe [INT] or [EXT] because we would like to analize the external and internal interruptions. This logging way is easy and it is working well. However, I would like to create an eaziby report where the the ratio of the INT and EXT would be shown. And here comes my problem and my question, how can I create report which summarize the worklog based on the somments. I would like to sum the INT prefixed work logs and next to this sum the EXT prefixed work logs and create a ratio pie chart from them based on the team availablity. The team availability data has been available right now, so it is not a question. Just the work log summing and the comments part are the dark side to me. So, the questions are…
How can I import the worklog comments?
How can I sum the work logs based on their comments?

Thanks in advance,


eazyBI allows the creation of Javascript calculated custom fields for worklog dimensions. Please, check the example of such a solution on our documentation site:

The Javascript code in your case could look like this:

if (worklog.comment && worklog.comment.match("\\[INT\\].*")) {
  worklog.customfield_wlcomment = "INT";
if (worklog.comment && worklog.comment.match("\\[EXT\\].*")) {
  worklog.customfield_wlcomment = "EXT";

Janis, eazyBI support