Summing Fields on issues under an epic

I’d like to sum a custom integer field from issues (of a specific issue type) underneath Epics.
I have a chart that is only including Epics where I want to chart based on this summed value.
I think a calculated member would be the right way to go, but can’t figure out how.

Thank you.

Hi @Steve_Kamens,

In this case, you could ensure that the custom field (with integer type) is selected via import options as measure and imported in eazyBI. Then you would be able to find a measure " created".
Also, you may want to make sure that “Epic Link” custom field is also selected (via import options and imported as dimension.
Then you could use the “Epic” level from “Issue” dimension and your imported custom field measure
It would aggregate results from all children of epic in this integer custom field

Martins / eazyBI support