Summing issue level custom measures

Hi. I have created a custom measure to convert an issue-level, pick list, custom field into an integer value. It works via a case statement. It’s a risk severity value. I’d like to create a week by week bar chart of the sum of this value for all issues. However, because my measure is only working at issue level I get an empty chart when I simply use time as the row and my measure as the column. Is it possible to populate the hierarchy with appropriately summed values?

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Hi @LeeKirk ,

I see two possible options for your requirement. The first is defining a new calculated measure in which you iterate through all issues and sum the values from the custom measure. The formula could look similar to the one below:

    Not IsEmpty([Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.Get('FIELD_NAME'))
  CASE WHEN [Measures].[Issues created] > 0

Replace FIELD_NAME with the name of the Jira custom field that you imported as an issue property into eazyBI. Instead of CALCULATED MEASURE NAME, specify the name of the calculated measure you defined to return the numeric values. The sum of the values will be tied to the issue creation date on the Time dimension because of the filter for the measure “Issues created”. Update the formula to match your requirement.

The other option is defining a JavaScript calculated custom field that assigns a numeric value to the new field based on the Jira custom field value. Then you can import the JavaScript calculated custom field as a measure and use it in reports without additional calculated measures. See more details about JavaScript calculated custom fields here - JavaScript calculated custom fields.

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