Summing Total Hours Spent on Linked Issues by Issue Type

Hi! I have a bit of an interesting use case that I am trying to find an answer for. We have a set of issue types, that we will call channel issues, [A, B, C, D]. We also have a set of other issue types called [1,2,3] that we can call discipline issue types. When someone creates a channel issues it will also spawn off a certain number of discipline issues. All work is logged to the discipline issues, and none is logged to the channels. I would like to find a way to be able to sum up the hours spent by channel issue type. So if I have a certain number of “A” issues, which have a certain number of “causes” (1,2,3) issues I want to be able to see how much time was logged to the (1,2,3) issues that are associated with any “A” issue. So pretty much I would like number of hours spent on all “A” issues which is based on the work logged to (1,2,3) issues in a sprint.

The relationship is [A,B,C, or D] “causes” [1,2 or 3]. I have been having a lot of trouble finding the right way to represent this.

Thank you!

Can somebody help me please?

Basically this will require to define an additional issue hierarchy, like that:
You will define the hierarchy as Channel and below it discipline.
And then you will be able to simply take the Issue dimension, choose the new hierarchy and select the hours spent measure, and it will aggregate all the hours spent from the discipline issues into the Channel issue.

I see thank you. The one concern I have about that is that we have multiple issue types on the same “level” of the hierarchy. So issue types A,B,C, and D are all on the same level, and they have different issue types below them on the same level

Hi @Matthew_Feldman,

I would recommend sticking to the issue link dimensions. Did you succeed in creating it, or do you need any help with that? You can find a detailed description of defining one on the eazyBI documentation page -

The basic principle would be to look at the issue you consider to be the “channel” issues and see the link name that appears to the “discipline” issues. In the Jira issue, link options determine the direction of the link by its name.

In the example below, the “channel” issues are represented by Stories and “discipline” issues by “Bugs” and “Tasks”. The link name in the Story issue to the “discipline” issues is “Causes”. See the parameters in the eazyBI advanced settings for the issue link dimension below:

name = "Caused"
outward_link = "causes"
issue_type = ["Bug", "Task"]
dimension = true
multiple_values = true

After updating the advanced settings, select the issue link dimension for import in the eazyBI import options “Custom fields” tab. A dimension and an issue property are created.

To retrieve the hours spent in the “channel” issues linked issues, try creating a calculated measure with the formula below:

    [Measures].[Hours spent],

It uses the issue property to retrieve the linked issues as Issue dimension members. Then the values of the measure “Hours spent” are summed up for these linked issues. The DefaultContext() function resets the context of the report for this calculation. Depending on the report, you may want to include some dimensions inside it. Read more about it here -

See the picture below:

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