Synchronized data does not affect

Synchronized data does not affect


A likely reason for the different values of the measures in Jira and eazyBI could be that issues are moved in different sprints. The eazyBI measure of the “Original estimated hours” shows values for the issues currently assigned to that sprint, and this measure cannot see the historical values considering the changes in sprints.

There could be custom calculations possible, but those depend on how the “Soma de Tempo Estimado” column is calculated. For instance, the following formula calculates the number of Original estimates for the issues that were in the sprint when it was started (committed issues):

  [Measures].[Sprint issues committed]>0
  ([Measures].[Original estimated hours],

This formula uses a measure from the “Sprint scope” measures set. Please, check here for more on what measures eazyBI collects about sprint scope and changes:

Janis, eazyBI support