Syncing an Excel from MS Teams to eazyBI

I want to use a shared Excel sheet within Microsoft Teams as a source application. I do not want to just upload the Excel file, as it needs to be updated manually. What I am doing now is this which does not work:

  1. I copy the link of Excel file from a channel in Teams
  2. Add new source application in eazyBI
  3. Choose REST:API
  4. Pase the link into Source data URL.
  5. Only change the Content parameters to XML and continue
    But in the next step, the fields from the excel file does not show up on any dimensions and only some random data is visible.
    What should I do to have all the data in eazyBI? or is this kind of integration still not possible?
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Hi @Pep,

Unfortunately, eazyBI doesn’t have an integration with Microsoft stack of tools by default. Microsoft does provide the Microsoft Graph REST API that allows accessing the files stored in Teams, OneDrive, Office 365 -

We do have a feature regarding data import from Excel files via Microsoft Graph API on our backlog. I added your vote to it. Currently, I can’t share any estimates.

Roberts //

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