Syntax of Tuple

For my report I need 3 Tuples.

The first one is just a hours spent in project tuple which I was able to successfully implement as following:

([Measures].[Hours spent], [Issue].[Project X])

The other two tuples need to reference on a specific Issue of another project.
So initially I thought this would be something like:

([Measures].[Hours spent], [Issue].[Project Y].[Issuename X])

In meantime I was successfully able to build these tuples with exactly the procedure I mentioned before. Weird…

This leads me to another question. I need to sum up/aggregate these 3 tuples.
When I use aggregate function like following eazybi returns an error.

  [Measures].[Hours Spent - OPS-83],
  [Measures].[Hours Spent - OPS-105],
  [Measures].[Hours Spent - Order Management]

When I remove my last entry (Hours spent Order Management) from the formular I dont receive an error but the function still doesnt return the right values. It only returns the last given measure value.

Here you can see the table:

With the column “Sum Hours Spent” I want to calculate the sum of OPS-83, OPS-105 and Order Management.

Is this a bug or how can I sum up tuples?

For the Aggregate error you should be using the following:

Aggregate (

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Hi @Lucas_Knorr ,
In eazyBI also aritmethic operations can be done, like summing all the measures together. Try this:

[Measures].[Hours Spent - OPS-83] + [Measures].[Hours Spent - OPS-105] + [Measures].[Hours Spent - Order Management]

Kind regards,
Gerda //

Why not use row total rather than adding last column for the sum

This worked. Thank you.

Because I need to calculate the average of the total amount aswell. This is not possible with built in “Total” function. All I needed was the solution from @eli_solutions.