System administrator rights

Dear EazyBI community,

I would like to enable PDF export of our dashboards. For that I installed headless google chrome on our server, and restarted EazyBI, as specified on your Export to PDF guide.

However, EazyBI did not recognise the installation, so I wanted to add the [google_chrome] section to the Advanced Settings. But I was not able to, the system told me only System Administrators have that right.


Maybe my understanding is wrong, but I am a System Administrator. I see the related settings as well.


Can you please help me identify if I am wrong and not a System Administrator (and if so, how can I see who is), or I did something wrong during the update in the Advanced Settings?

Thanks for your support,

Hi @hidvegm,

It seems you are not a Jira system administrator. Most likely, you have been given the eazybi admin role with access to the eazyBI advanced settings. eazyBI admins are not allowed to change the Google Chrome install path. Please read more about eazyBI admin here - Additional settings.

A Jira System administrator should be able to update the setting.

Roberts //