Tempo Accounts and EazyBI

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I’ve been trying to get some Accounts Attributes from Tempo Timesheet to EazyBI as Amount and Revenue.

Anyone knows how to do this ?

Thanks so much! Best Regards!

Vitor Garcia


Amount and Revenue from Tempo Timesheets are not available in eazyBI integration with Tempo products.
You could try calculating same results in eazyBI reports by creating new user-defined calculated members in “Measures” dimension but these calculations may require importing some additional data in eazyBI cube via SQL or Rest API (such as Tempo user rates).

See more about importing additional data into issues cube:

Martins / eazyBI support

Sort of aligned with this topic, I’m looking to separate the Account fields that come into eazybi. We’ve isolated them in jira and can call the ‘key’ field using jql but the import and display option in eazybi are bringing in [Name] [(Key)]



It would not be possible to split account name from key in member names for the default “Account” dimension, however, you could try using Javascript in eazyBI advanced settings to calculate a new custom field which would return just Name (or key) in a separate custom field which you could later import in eazyBI as additional dimension.

Martins / eazyBI support

Thank you @martins.vanags . Im very new to calculated fields and am having trouble. i tried to follow your screenshot and the link but no luck. any other resources for help on creating this ?


Please reach out to eazyBI support and share more details where exactly did you stuck with your calculated JS field.

Martins / support@eazybi.com

Hi eazyBI staff,
is it still impossible to get Amount from Tempo Timesheets? It’s been 4 years since this post and the newer versions of eazyBi and Tempo are available.
Or maybe the only way is to do this recalculations mentioned by you…

@Pawel as much as we want to announce great news and features, not everything depends on our team.
Unfortunately, the amount from Tempo is still not available for import.

Martins / eazyBi