Tempo Calendar in EazyBi

We are trying to get to Eazybi the calendar from tempo calculate the required hours of our teams.
We need to know if there is a way to integrate the tempo’s calendar to the nonworking days in time dimension in Eazybi, so if we just modified tempo it will automaticaly reflects to Eazybi. Is there a way to do this?


Thank you for reaching out to us with your request.

eazyBI integration with the Tempo app does not support the import of the required hour’s measures for users. We do not currently know a feasible workaround with additional data import to implement such a use case. Unfortunately, the REST API you mentioned is not suitable for the data import in eazyBI to cover this use case. We have the request in our backlog for this feature, but I cannot estimate when it might be implemented.

In some cases, the required hours can be calculated with the custom measure in eazyBI. This approach can be useful if you have uniform and simple workload schemas. For instance, the following formula would be applicable if you have the standard 8 hours workday and wish to see the monthly or weekly required hours in the report:


Such a measure can be used in a report like this:


Martins / eazyBI


Thanks Martins.
To complete the workaround, if i set the same holidays of Tempo in the nonworking days in time dimension of EaziBy, i will get the same required hours with this calc, but i have to updated manually both to have the same. Is this right?

Yes, this workaround would require setting same holidays also for eazyBI time dimension.

Martins / eazyBI


Hi @ariprado1,

Now you can also import Tempo required hours starting eazyBI version 6.5 and on Cloud.
For more details, please see the documentation: Tempo.

Zane / support@eazyBI.com

Thanks for sharing this measure. If I were wanting to create a new measure that shows how many hours should be logged for this month, would that be possible?


There are 21 work days in the month (total required hours = 168 hours), and we’re on work day #10. Would it possible to have a column show “Hours required up to today” = 80 hours and have this automatically update as we go onto the next day?

Hi @hootie428,

Yes, you can create a new calculated measure that would show how many hours should be logged until the selected day for the period. The calculation would be based on working day count multiplied by 8 hours.

Again, use function DateDiffWorkdays() to get working day count in period. Add condition CASE WHEN to count work days only till today for the current month.

  WHEN --current period
  THEN --count days from period start till tomorrow to include curent day
  WHEN --past periods
  THEN --count all working days in period
  --no condition for future periods, those remain empty
--multiply work day count with 8 hours
* 8

Zane / support@eazyBI.com