Tempo Timesheet/JIRA Server - Retrieve approval status for worklog


I would like to be able to get the “hours spent” approved and the “hours spent” not approved in eazybi.
Is it possible ? Tempo provides a REST API “servlet/tempo-getWorklog/” which provides all worklogs with “jira_worklog_id” and approval status for each worklog.
I tried importing this source and adding data to the worklog dimension but it does not seem possible.

Do you have another way to do this ?

Thanks by advance

Jonathan Brunerie

Hi @JonathanBrunerie,

Currently, approved hours are not imported to eazyBI, and there is no known workaround for this. We have this feature in the eazyBI backlog, but I cannot estimate when it might be implemented as a part of standard integration with the Tempo Timesheets app.
We will update this post once there is some news regarding this.

Lauma / support@eazybi.com