Tempo timesheet report - missing hours when filtering

Hello all,
I have issue with Tempo timesheet report when filtering by Logged by team dimension.
When I create report in EazyBI for single user all hours are present, but when I add filter for Logged by Team and specifiy single team then only some of hours appears on the report.
I’m sure that this user is member of selected team.
I found out that this is related to date of create worklog. Lets look for the example.
This is complete timesheet for test user:

Results of the report are:

  • 30 hours for filter All logged by teams
  • 9 hours for filter to one, specific team

I compared this in details with tempo default report and when I filter report only to specific team then only hours for worklogs created in september are present on the report.

Could anyone advise what is the reason of such issue?


There can be differences in how eazyBI and Tempo count logged hours by the team. eazyBI considers the membership period. So if the user has a joining date or leaving date for that team, eazyBI will not show the logged hours outside the membership period.

Please get in touch with support with further details if that does not explain the problem.

Janis, eazyBI support