Tempo Timesheets Work Description

Is it possible to import the Tempo Timesheets Work Description into EazyBI?



Already now you could see work description for worklogs if you select measure “Hours spent” from “Measures” dimension, click on the result and choose “Drill through worklogs”. It would be possible to export if needed.

But it would also be possible to import Worklog comments as a separate dimension in eazyBI (in this case you should use eazyBI advanced settings to define this additional dimension first)

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Hi @martins.vanags Could you help me create this dimension? Thanks :grinning:


Use the following code in eazyBI advanced settings:

name = "Worklog Comment"
data_type = "string"
dimension = true
worklog = true
javascript_code = '''
if (worklog.comment) {
worklog.customfield_wlcomment = worklog.comment+" ("+worklog.id+")";
else {
worklog.customfield_wlcomment = "(no comment)"

Then open the import options page and select to import “Worklog comment” new pre-calculated custom field as a separate dimension.

Martins / eazyBI

@martins.vanags Thanks !!! :clap: :clap:

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I’ve tried out the above solution and it works … to a degree … but suspect I’m doing or not doing something very obvious to not get the complete solution.

I’ve created the custom measure for Worklog Comments and when I drill down into a work log then the Worklog Comments appear, but when I just try to show the Worklog Comment inline with other data then it doesn’t appear or worse still it hides all data.

It seems that the advanced settings do not let you import “Worklog comments” into a separate dimension using the approach described above.
Which version of eazyBI and Tempo are you using?

Martins / eazyBI support