Test environment dimension for test cases

HI team,

I would like to create simple report which shows the current test status for executed test cases for each test environment (SIT, UAT, etc.)
The overall test results are visible, however if I add the TM4j Environment dimension to Pages, it will not give back any result.

The data/dimensions that I used:
TM4j Environment
TM4j Tet Cycle

TM4j Test Result Status

Tm4j Executions

Can you please provide me an example or a hint?

FYI, during test execution the environment field is filled and is visible at the execution history page in Zephyr.


Hi @Andras.Kokan,

The measure is the core element of the report and defines how dimensions are related to each other. Measure “TM4J Executions” (or later name “Zephyr Scale Executions”) is related to all mentioned dimensions representing Environment, Test Cycle, Test Result Status, and Project.

You might get an empty cell if the selected filter options are conflicting. For example, the selected Project does not meet selected Tests Cycles or Environments.

Zane / support@eazyBI.com

Hi Zane,

Unfortunately, I still could not see the test executions by environment. I used your structure to query the data. The environment names are visible on the columns, but the cells are empty. Only the “none” column contains numbers. What can be wrong here?

Zephyr version: 8.7.2
EazyBI version: 6.3.0

We have double checked and the environment field contains values int the test execution logs.


There are no know issues with data import from Zephyr Scale (former TM4J) and eazyBI version 6.3 or the latest 6.4.

The first troubleshooting step is to re-import data to ensure that all changes are imported: Data from Jira.

If this does not solve the case, please, contact eazybi Support and send them more details:

  1. Share the report definition: Export and import report definitions
  2. Run the report for a single Test Cycle that has test executions assigned to environments.
    • send the screenshot of the report results.
    • send the screenshot of the same Test Cycle from Zephyr Scale to the data in the source system.