Test Plan Date Range showing 10 days less

Hey guys, could you help me please?

I’m currently running some tests at work and made a BurnUp following this guide: Xray Test burnup for Test Plan

The problem is that when I import the Test Plan from Xray, the X-axis doesn’t show correctly the date range. It supposed to be from Jan 6 2023 to March 23 2023, but it goes only till March 13 2023.

The ammount of tests/day is correct (150 tests/55 work days = 2,73) for the planned guideline.

In short, I want to show the full date range.

Thank you for your attention,


Hi @gabrielreiz

Please check that you have future all the missing date members imported in “Time” dimension.
otherwise, please add them to Time dimension manually: Time dimension
If that didn’t help please check the property value for your test plan

[Xray Test Plan].CurrentHierarchyMember.get('End Date')

Martins / eazyBI