Test Plan - folder - subfolder View


I created a new Cube "ETL Cube "

To fill the cube with folder data , i have this mapping

The objective is to get this view

I have a new request to get a view using sub folder.

the customer need to see the hierarchy of folders


I tried to add a new level but its not working…
In Database , i have the column parentfolderid of each folder (Null for the first folder level)

How can i create a link between levels in one dimension ? (Name folder → SubFolder → Measures)

Any ideas?


Hi @nour ,

I recommend several changes to the data mapping. First, import the two columns “folderid” and “folder” as the Folder dimension “Folder” level. Select the ID column and Key column options for the “folderid” column. Then, for the “folder” column, select the Name column option. Similarly, adjust the data import for the rest of the columns that have id and name columns.

To get the Folder->Sub folder relation, I recommend adjusting the data you deliver to eazyBI in a way that the “folderid” and “folder” columns return only parent folders. Then, return Sub-folder ids and names as two separate columns that you map to the Folder dimension “Sub-folder” level. See the suggested data mapping below:

And how it would look in a report:

The eazyBI documentation page has more details on data mapping options - Import from SQL.

See if you can adjust the data sourced to eazyBI with SQL selects.

Roberts // support@eazybi.com