The dates in mesures and in the time demention are in different time zone formats

It looks like the date added from the mesures is showing in UTC timezone format and in the time demention (when it is added to the row) is in GMT timezone format which is one day earlier . How to change the date format in the time demention to to be in UTC timezone? Example of the table report that groups the issues by due date is attached

Hi @nattro

Thank you for noticing that. Indeed, there is an issue with “Issues due” and “Issues with due” date measures mapping to the Time dimension when America’s timezones are selected in eazyBI Jira import options. We will fix it but I can’t give ETA for this yet. We keep you updated on this. Meanwhile, you may import data with the server timzone.



We made changes in eazyBI production yesterday, and now the correct date from the “Time” dimension should be appearing in the report - the date that matches the “Issue due date” property.

Martins / eazyBI support

The fix for the due date and date picker custom fields correct mapping by timezone is included in version 6.4 if you are on server/DataCenter.

Daina /