The [Issues created] measures are empty when filtering on a [Transition] member

In the report below you see values for the [Issues created] and [Transitions to status] measures:

However, if I select a particular member for the [Transition] dimension - instead of [All transitions] - then the values for [Issues created] become empty:

Can someone explain why this is?

My initial thought was: the creation date of Issue-X and the transition date of Issue-X are not in the same time period => I changed the [Time] level to [Year], a big time period, but the [Issues created] measure is still empty.

I think I’m missing an important - and probably obvious :slight_smile: - insight here …


I think I found the answer in

It states that particular measures or linked only to particular dimensions, which sounds obvious now. Suggestion: maybe you could mention that in, so that it becomes obvious faster for new users.

Furthermore, an Issues cube does not store issues, but instead: measures about issues. So you cannot query the cube as if it was a SQL database, and exploit all possible relations.

To conclude, I guess the [Issues created] measure is not linked to the [Transition] dimension, which also sounds pretty obvious now :slight_smile:

But please correct me if I’m wrong.

ps: Can you see somewhere to what dimensions a particular measure is linked to?

Hi, Gerrie

You are correct about the fact that some measures and dimensions should be used together to get valuable results.
In the standard Issue cube, we import both current and historical information (from changelogs), logged hours information and information from different Jira apps. It is safe to use together measures and dimensions imported from the same domain.

To analyze historical data, use historical measures together with historical dimensions:
Changes are also imported for resolution, issue type, priority, assignee and for some custom fields. When historical measures are used, they are also related to the historical values from those dimensions.

Logged by dimension and Hours spent are linked as well, the same goes for specific Jira app dimensions and measures, they are described in documentation for each integration.