The previous hierarchy level members still there after dimension has been changed

I need to change data mapping for sql application source, and I removed all imported data and dimensions each time before trying to import new datas, but seems like previous level members cannot be removed, please refer to attachment.

which caused the new importing failed.

How can I remove imported level members along with dimension?

Hi, @xinranmo

Data mapping is quite tricky and usually several attempts to find the most suitable are needed.
In some cases, it is not enough to delete only imported data: then you may want to delete the whole data cube and import the data into a new one. Have you tried that?

Usually, we highly suggest using a separate test account while you adjust data mapping: then you can try different mapping versions and, after each failed attempt, delete the imported cube and even the account itself without losing important information. Then only the last, successful, mapping can be repeated in the production.