The report retrieving the issues contains another issuetype name

I’m trying to create sprint reports, While creating the reports used Transitions from status issue count Measure and filtered by issue type.
If I select Story Issuetype and drill through issue option then both Technical Story and Story issues are retrieved.
Remaining all issuetypes (Task,Bug etc.,)are working fine, I only get Technical Story issues when I select Technical Story.
May be Measure calculating the issuetype contains Story.
How to get only Story Issues in the report.
Days in Transitions Status Measure is also retrieving- both issues when select Story Issuetype.
Please Suggest.

Hi @Nagaraju_T ,
You should check your issues history - if this issue hasn’t been as a “Technical” issue type and then changed to “Story”. The “Issue type” is a historical dimension and together with historical measures will display past values.

You can check this JavaScript that would return you “Current issue type”:

Gerda //


Thanks @gerda.grantina.
Really Helpful.

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