Time Dimension and Custom Dates


I need to create a report based on “Due Date”, not the creation date (default for Time dimension).

The report should like the below:

Any ideas how can I build a report like this?

Hi @Paul1 ,

Try removing the Time dimension from the report columns and adding the measure “Issues with due date” to the report. If you don’t want the measure to appear in the final report, you can filter the report rows by this measure and then remove it. See the picture below:

After that, add the Time dimension back to the report:

See more details filtering report rows here - Create reports - eazyBI for Jira.

Roberts // support@eazybi.com

Thanks Roberts,

It is a step in the right direction but there is a little problem.

For the week of W12 (Mar 22 - Mar 28), there should be only dates for this particular week.

Let’s assume it is a May week, so the report should display only values in yellow boxes, keeping all other cells empty. For this week only values for ROG-6 and ROG-2 should be populated.

The purpose of this report is to show what supposed to be completed on a particular week.

Unfortunately, report displaying all the dates for all the weeks doesn’t provide value for analysis.

Is there a way to display only dates relevant for the week, as described for ROG-6 and ROG-2, please?

Thank you in advance,

Hi @Paul1 ,

You are correct. I missed that.

To display the date only in the period it is present, you can define a calculated measure similar to the one below:

CASE WHEN DateInPeriod(
  [Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.Get('Due date'),
THEN [Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.Get('Due date')

In the report, it would look like in the picture below:

I also changed the filter on the measure to look at issues with their due date in the “Last 4 weeks”.

Roberts // support@eazybi.com

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Thanks Roberts,

That is exactly what I was after!