Time dimension filter in Dashboard - short list required

Is there a way to reduce the number of years being shown in the Dashboards Filter?
We do not have any data from before 2020, so I would like to cut the list, and just offer the possibility to filter from this year. It would be more user friendly.



Hi @AntonBDR

eazyBI creates members in the “Time” dimension automatically based on the date-picker field values from imported issues.
It is likely that previous years are created as members if some of the date picker for imported issues holds the value in that year.
Another reason could be when importing change history. eazyBI can find some changes in previous years and that is enough to create the member in the “Time” dimension.

In this case, we would recommend creating a new calculated member in “Time” dimension to filter time periods since 2020.
Try this formula:


See also the similar question about calculated members here:

Martins / eazyBI support

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