Time dimension - using another date to filter by

Hi EazyBI community,

I’ve put together some reports in EazyBI for a travel request system that we have running in JIRA. At the moment, the time dimension is in pages so I can filter by it using the “All times” drop-down. However, the time dimension appears to use the issue created date to filter the issues and I want to filter by another date on the issue e.g “Start Date” (which I use as the date that the event the traveller is going to started).

I’m aware that I can add a filter to the column in order to filter like this:

However, my JIRA issue uses other date fields for when the traveller was travelling from and to, it would be great to filter by the event start date using the time dimension. The ability to drill through by quarter, month, day etc is really nice.

Can this be done? Is it possible to use a different date in the time dimension, rather than the created date of the issue?


Hi Gary,

Time” dimension is independent in this case.
When you use it for the report, the selected measure (if any) is the element that creates the context for your report. To change the context, you may want to ensure that your custom field “Event Start date” is imported as measures in eazyBI and then select a new measure “Issues with Event Start date” from the “Measures” dimension to change the context for report. If none of the measures is selected eazyBI still needs one measure and in those cases, eazyBI is using a default measure “Issues created” to build a context for the report.

Martins / eazyBI support

Hi Martins,

Thanks for replying, much appreciated :slight_smile:

This works nicely, however, the user does not want the column ‘Issues with Event Start Date’ included in the report. Is there any way of hiding this particular column in the tabular report whilst keeping the time dimension filtering using this date?


Hi Gary,

yes, it would be possible to filter the report by a measure and then remove it from displayed columns.
See attached gif.

Martins / eazyBI support

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Perfect Martins! Thank you so much :slight_smile:

@martins.vanags, which SW do you use to capture the animated gifs?


I found this tool very good for my needs

Martins / eazyBI