(Time In Source Status

Hi all, I would like to know is there any possibility to get a report in EazyBi

(Time In Source Status) that stay in jira but i want to make the seam report in eazyBI

how to configure the report. Thank you in advance! Kind regards feras

Hi Fears,

I could not recognize which Jira report is the one you would like to build in eazyBI. I assume this report should work on Issue status history.

eazyBI has three dimensions representing statuses.

Please use only historical measures with Transition status and Transition dimensions. Default measures, such as Issues created, Issues resolved, etc. will not work with those dimensions on detailed member level.
See more about historical data analysis here:

Daina / support@eazybi.com

Hi dania , thanks for informationen
i do that and with Issue History
and i make (Define new)