Time in Status... extrapolate to current date

Hi, i’ve created an issue which shows me the status of issues over time using the Transition Status dimension and Issues History measure. This works great but it obviously only shows the history of the issues up to when they were last changed.
I would like the timeline chart to show lines extending to the current date (although they would be showing static values).
Is there any way to modify the Issues History measure to extrapolate the last set of history data to the current date…?


Hi @w853rdc,

The Issues history measure does actually go in the future, showing the current issue status as the last transition. See an example in this demo report; the Transition statuses are not detailed here, but you can see how Issues history measure goes beyond Today: Project Prediction report - Issues - Jira Demo - eazyBI.

It might be that you need to add members to the Time dimension to see the future dates though. By default, eazyBI is adding members to the Time dimension only if there is some activity on that date. Future dates often are not added as the only action that usually is in the future is the Issue due dates or Sprint end date. In some cases, some past dates also could be missing due to the lack of activity per day. Nevertheless, if you would like to add projection in the future or fill in gaps for the past, you can add members to the Time dimension manually.

Lauma / support@eazybi.com