Time in Status Report

Is it possible to create time in status report by using EazyBI?

Hi, @VNRajuVallabhaneni

To create a time status report, you need to use historical measures and dimensions: measure “Days in transition status” or “Average days in transition status” together with the “Transition Status” dimension.

You may check out the sample reports folder “Sample Jira issues” in your account - there is a ready-made report, “Average time in status (Cycle time)”, it could probably be a solution for you.

To inspire, please check the dashboard “Age, Lead, and Cycle Time” in our Demo account.
If you find reports you like, export the reports (or dashboard) definition and import it to your account.

Best Regards,
Ilze Mezīte support@eazybi.com

This is exactly what I am looking for my report. I tried to import this report to my eazyBI but it keeps giving me error “Report definition is in wrong format.” Can you please help with this. I would like to import the report.

I figured it out. Was importing in reports tab instead of the dashboard tab. Issue is resolved.