Time in status till first transition only

since my management found out how powerful easyBI is, I got asked to create a report for measuring the time between combinations of various statuses. Report should be only for resolved issues and I’m trying to use Average resolution days since cycle start or I was thinkng about creating calculated dimension using Transition from status fist date but I don’t know how to put it together :frowning:

1st report should answer the question, what is the average time of all issues which stayed in “L2 assigned” status (this is the first status after Create) until it transitioned for the first time to status “L2 in progress” (it’s not wanted to count also other time sums issue entered the status and moved repetitively).

2nd report should be a breakdown, what is the average time of all issues which stayed in “L2 in progress” until the issue was transitioned for the first time between statuses:

  • “L2 in progress” → “Handover to solution”
  • “L2 in progress” → “Need more info”
  • “L2 in progress” → “Set in test”
    Again, only first cycle - the time when issue entered the L2 status for the first time, waited there “n” hours/days and then moved to other specific status. Ignore other times issue entered this status after that. If we can put there also number of issues that went this way (from avg is calculated) it would be awesome!

3rd report should answer, what is the average time for all resolved issues between “L2 assigned” → “Waiting for evaluation”, also only first cycle.

Could someone please help me to put this measure together or point me into the right direction?
Many thanks!