Time interval in status


need to build a report showing Assignee (as row headings) and in what time intervals particular assignee handled requests (e.g. how much time was required to transition issue between two statuses). The idea behind this is to gather statistics on individual/team performance by detailing on how many issues particular individual/team was able to transition to status, for example, within 24 hours, 72 hours, 120 hours etc. And, of course, the report must be fast + users must be able to do fast drilldowns (note that production data cube contains ~50k issues).

It appears that the only way to build the report that satisfies all the requirements is either to define customfield in Advanced settings which uses Javascript to precalculate how long particular issue was kept at current status, or create additional hierarchy, or both. All options that I have tried out did not resulted in the required report - do not have any fresh ideas how to accomplish this.

Any help/response will be greatly appreciated.

Hello Valters,

The best option for this report would be using an interval dimension. Currently, we do not have interval dimensions for historical values.

We suggest using a calculated JavaScript custom field time in particular status and then import it as an interval dimension.
Please check out an example for creating an interval dimension based for a custom field with JavaScript code.

In your case, you would like to use duration interval instead of age interval.

Daina / support@eazybi.com