Time logged by component in Timeline

Dear eazyBI Community
We have a few JIRA-Projects in which the users log theire spent time on issues. The issues are mapped to components. Now i would like to create a report, wich shows the time logged by component in a timeline. As we have a few Projects i would like to select a single project and get the results.

When i put the Project-selection in the ‘Pages’-Element, i have trouble to put the component in the ‘Columns’-Element in addition to ‘Hours spent with sub-tasks’-Measure. In the ‘Rows’-Element, i selected ‘Time’ with ‘Month’.

Thanks for your suggestions.

Hi Roman,

Perhaps, you could use “Issue” dimension in pages to filter your project (note it also has a project level in the hierarchy) and then you could use “Component” level from “Project” dimension in rows

Having said that note that if one issue (with logged hours) has more than 1 component, results for this issue would be doubled in your report (as it can belong to more than 1 component member)

Martins / eazyBI team

Hi Martins

Thanks for your help. That’s great!

I will check your hint about using components on issues and define a comment to the users.
At the moment, i can publish this report for first check to the responsible person.

Regards, Roman