Time spent report

I’m looking to build a report with the below columns

  1. sprint name
  2. resources
  3. all issues type as a name which belong to a specific resource
  4. original estimate for each of the above issue type
  5. time spent
  6. time left (original estimate - time spent )
  7. flag on track yes/No

I’d like to see the above for the current open sprint for all project together or filter by project in addition to have it per Q

Hello @JustAlon

​Welcome to eazyBI community!

​I would recommend you start by following:
​1. Add dimension Sprint in pages (this will allow you to filter your report by Sprints)
​2. Add dimension Asignee in Rows
​3. Add dimension Issue Type in Rows
​4. Select measure “Original estimated hours” from Measures dimension
​5. Select measure “Hours spent” from Measures dimension
​6. Define a new calculated measure with the formula below.

[Measures].[Original estimated hours]-
[Measures].[Hours spent]
  1. Add dimension Flagged in Pages, to filter on issues flagged or not flagged

Here is also a screenshot of how your report might look.

Please let me know if you have further questions regarding this!
Kind regards,
Elita from support@eazybi.com