Time stamp from custom field as measure

We have a custom field “Assigned team”, a value that’s selected in Jira from Assets (so I can only select “dimension” and “property” in Assets custom fields).
In the issue in Jira you see in history a timestamp every time “Assigned Team” is selected or changed.

I want to use this time stamp to give me the total days it has been assigned to a team until now i.e. ( datediffworkdays([measure].[Issue Assigned team date], Now()) )

Is this possible?

Hi @_P3

Unfortunately, eazyBI can’t import the change history for the Assets object type custom fields.
We have a change request in our backlog, but I can’t promise any release dates.

Perhaps, you could try using calculated Jira fields to check if the field was changed and then import the scripted field directly in eazyBI.

Best regards,
Nauris / eazyBI support

Hello @nauris.malitis,
I’m solving the same problem as above. Are there any news regarding this funcionality or it is needed to use jira scripted custom fields?