Time to first assignment is only taking into account if assignee is set during tranistion

Dear community,
i try to make a measure that gives me the time difference between ticket creation and first assignment.

As a start i used the measure mentioned here in Time to first assignment (but accounting for issues assigned during creation) and added a DateDiffMinutes:


[Measures].[Issue created date]
([Measures].[Transition to first timestamp],
[Transition field].[Assignee],


Results (excerpt):

Issue Issues created Time to first assignment First assignment Issue created date
XX-001 1 -59.93 2023-01-02 12:35:32 2023-01-02 13:35:28
XX-002 1 1,311.98 2023-01-03 12:04:14 2023-01-02 14:12:15

and here is the history of issue XX-002. This issue was moved from one Project to another, but i also got the same results in cases where tickets were not moved :

Now these results i get show me two things:

  1. It apparently only takes into account the timestamps if the assignee got changed within a transition
  2. The Jira instance is operated from two different time zones and it seems they are not aligned with the two values for creation datetime and what i get from [Measures].[Transition to first timestamp]

ed. 1.: How can i actually get the timestamp of the first assignee even if it is not done within a transition?
ed. 2.: I thought the timezones get aligned during import according to the specified timezone in the import settings, but seems like this is not the case for the transition timestamps, is there a possibility to reformat them or for them to be aligned as well?

Thank you,

Hi Alex,

As we can see from the screenshots, the transition timestamp is shifted by one hour. There should be no Assignee transition before the issue creation date (XX-001). The formula you use to detect the date of the first assignment should return a value regardless of the status transition unless you use the Transition status filter in the report. So, the XX-002 should return the date time 2023-01-03- 06:58.

Could you contact support with more details on your account timezone settings and the report details (definition)?

Janis, eazyBI support