Time within sprint: How it works?

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to implement a dashboard where the scrum masters can follow up on the Sprint progress, I am using Sprint Story Points burn-down as a reference. However, the variable Time within sprint is empty for some teams, in all sprints, so the diagram doesn’t show the information that I expected.

I would like to understand how it works, I think that tere is something that the teams doesn’t do correctly.

Hi, @maferhc

“Time within sprints” measure shows if the selected time period is within a sprint time period (from the sprint’s actual start date to the planned sprint end date or today if the sprint was not completed in time for the active sprint or till the actual end date for completed sprints). Please find more here: Jira Software custom fields

To troubleshoot this case, please build a new report that has sprints of the teams in the rows and properties: Sprint Start date, Sprint actual Start date, Sprint End date, and Sprint actual End date in the columns to see if the sprints have these dates.