Timeout in 120 seconds, when trying to drill into transition statuses


I need to extract the Transition data of a set of projects. On selecting a particular project and issue type and time, it gives me the data but if I try to drill into transition statuses, it is timing out most of the time. I have tried many configurations like extracting the data for each month but it is not working. I need to extarct those data and I am not sure how would I achieve it.

Please see the screenshot below to see my setup

And this is the error I am facing every time.

If it won’t work my manager decides to not use EazyBI and will write the Java code to extract data from Jira APIs.


Hi @neetuagw,

You may want to try removing Issues dimension from the report at all. You already have Project dimension selected in Pages (I assume, there is selected a component). Projects in both dimensions are the same.

If you still want the project name to appear in rows, use Project dimension also in rows.
Do the following: