Tips for giving colleagues internal training?


I’m giving my PM colleagues a workshop on eazyBI
The concept of dimensions, measures etc is hard to get across to someone who is not familiar with the tool

Does anyone have any tips, slide decks or anything like that they could share with me?
Or even example projects?


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I think you can use some of the slides that are available in the event section of the forum:

And this is an account with examples:

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Hi, Lisa,

Are you THE Lisa who gave a talk on eazyBI at our eazyBI Community Days 2017? :slight_smile:
I’m glad to hear that you’re still actively using eazyBI. Furthermore, I’m glad you’re willing to invite others to try it. :ok_hand:
Here’s a slide deck from a training conducted in March 2018. It contains a section about dimensions, measures etc. (Click on the image to open Training slide deck (PDF))

If this is what you were looking for, I can share with you the Keynote file that you can re-use in your presentation.
Please send me a message to with details about what you want to present and I’ll send you resources I can find.
Refer to “Janis from Marketing” and your message will be assigned to me personally. There are 8 “Janis” in eayBI, so referring only to “Janis” won’t be enough :wink:

Hi Janis from Marketing!

Yes I’m that Lisa :slight_smile:

Anything you can share would be great, thanks for everything so far

Regarding whether the two topics of the forum have corresponding documents, I really want to learn