Tool tips for eazybi tables


we embed multiple eazybi tables into confluence pages to create dynamic reports (e.g. project status).
The tables integrate a lot of information (estimated work vs allocated and predicted capacity etc). To make these easier to interpret, it would be very helpful to specify tooltips which pop up and explain the table headers when the user hovers the mouse over it. We have this docu, but in a separate document so it is not easy/quick to find when you are looking at the table.
The info really belongs to the table header, I would not want to add it to the confluence page itself.

Hence, I request the feature to define tool tips for table headers in eazybi.


Hi @aherz ,
Thanks for the great feature request idea! That would definitely be a helpful improvement. I added it to our backlog for further consideration. I will keep you posted when anything new regarding this appears.

Gerda //

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Thx! Just to clarify, I think it would be enough to be able to specify a tooltip per custom measure so that if you use it in a table the tooltip would be shown. Having it also for calculated members would also be nice but is of lesser priority for me. If I could choose between plain text and html to add a link it would be even nicer :slight_smile:

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