Total calculation error

I have a problem regarding ‘TOTAL’ sum fields in Eazybi.

Despite all the individual fields to be added in a total sum are considered and displayed by Eazybi as 100%, the system is considering one of the fields as 0% in the ‘TOTAL’ field.

All the calculated measures are ok, and I use them to make the same calculation every mounth without problems.
It seems to be an error in one of the five tickets displayed, but I cant trace or correct it.

Does some one have a similar problem?

WHEN ([Issue Type] = ‘Evolutive’ OR [Issue Type] = ‘Evolutive Sub-task’) AND [Front] = ‘Objetivo’ THEN 0.90
WHEN [Issue Type] = ‘Evolutive’ OR [Issue Type] = ‘Evolutive Sub-task’ THEN
CASE WHEN [Measures].[Issues closed] > 0 AND [Measures].[OB – Evolutive – Time to Estimation - Breached] > 0 THEN
CoalesceEmpty([Measures].[Issues closed] - [Measures].[OB – Evolutive – Time to Estimation - Breached] + [Measures].[OB - Evolutive - Time to Estimation - Allegation], 0) /
[Measures].[Issues closed]
WHEN [Measures].[Issues closed] > 0 AND IsEmpty([Measures].[OB – Evolutive – Time to Estimation - Breached]) THEN 1

This is the code I am using for calculated mesure.

The total calculation is optimized, and it could apply the calculation on a total row in the same way as in any other row instead of summing up values on Rows. It is especially crucial for percentage calculations.

It seems it could miss some part of the calculation in the formula. You are using default measures Issues closed and OB – Evolutive – Time to Estimation - Breached and an additional calculated measure OB - Evolutive - Time to Estimation - Allegation.

It seems the latest OB - Evolutive - Time to Estimation - Allegation is ignored in Total calculation. You would like to check this calculation. It might not work in Total in the same way as other measures used in the same calculation.

Please take into account some calculations depend on the report structure as well. Report definition contains any calculation and report setup as well and gives us even better insight into how the report works.

Daina /