Total changes when adding another dimension

Hi! I am new to eazyBI, came across this issue: i have a report, that shows hours spent on issues, grouping them by string value of Custom field “Belongs to project”.
On the screenshot you can see that total is equal to 23,728:

But when i add another custom field dimension (also string value) the total changes to 25,463

I am so confused, can someone please tell me how is it possible and what am i doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Miu,

​The excessive result for total when adding the dimension “Directorate of customers” indicates overlapping selections of multi-value dimensions.
​The measure Hoursspent also seems to be a calculated measure that might apply different calculations depending on the report context. Unfortunately, the whole picture cannot be seen from the screenshots alone.

​Please export and send the full report definition to the support e-mail for further investigation.

I will try to help you once I see these details.

Oskars /