Total in Pie chart

I have an amount of issues divided by status in a Pie Chart Donut.

I’d like to have also Total as a text visible.
I can see an option Total (Total of rows), but this just add a total sum into the pie chart (which doesn’t make sense at all).

Actually I don’t care where it will be placed.
Either in Title of a Pie chart, or in the Middle of a Donut, or as a text somewhere near the Pie.
I preffer eazyBIer :wink: option to implement.

Hi @andrej.had ,
You can switch to a pie chart (not a donut chart) and enable data labels to see the total value on top of the chart.

We have the improvement in eazyB
I backlog to have this feature also for the donut chart, but currently, it doesn’t have any estimates on when it could be implemented. I will keep you posted if anything changes.

Gerda //