Total newb here: I am looking for report or dashboard definitions that are aligned to the SAFe Metrics

Hi There!

I would love to know if anyone has built and would share reports or dashboards for the metrics in SAFe…specifically the essential SAFe metrics.

There are many different ways on how Jira can be adjusted to support the SAFe framework. Therefore, eazyBI does not have a set of predefined reports you can use out of the box. However, there are many report examples in the demo account you can use for inspiration. There might be community topics covering some snippets of this as well.

You can start with any report closest to the ones you would like to use and set it in your SAFe framework. Add/change dimensions and measures in the report using your SAFe framework building blocks.

However, you would like to start with SAFe framework import into eazyBI.
In many cases, it involves some issue hierarchy setup either based on some apps or using issue linking options. Please check how to build hierarchies in Issue dimensions it often is needed for the SAFe framework.

Program increments. They could be defined in different ways in Jira. For example, you can use some apps there, you can use custom fields, you can define a specific issue type to represent program increment and link issues (for example, features) to program increment issues. Either way, you would like to make sure any issues in the hierarchy contain the program increment value.
If the program increment is set as a custom field on higher-level issues, you would like to inherit it for all issues in the hierarchy.
Here are two community topics on how to support custom field inheritance:

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