Track change in value for a custom field

I am trying to create a report for tests automated every month by tracking change in custom field “Test Automation Status”. I want to capture for how many tests "Test Automation Status " was updated to Automated but I am struggling to put that in table. Can someone please guide here?

Hi @lnayal
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​I recommend starting with importing change history for your custom field “Test Automation Status”. You can learn more about that here (the example in the link is how you should enable change history for your custom field).

​Once you have imported change history for your custom field, you can proceed defining a new calculated measure using the formula below. In the Tuple expression, I use measure, “Transitions to issues count”, which is a hidden measure. You may check principles of what measures are created for custom fields: Jira custom fields
​And you will find issue change history measures here - Import issue change history - in this documentation page you will also be able to find what kind of hidden measures are available when importing issue change history.

Formula to use:

[Measures].[Transitions to issues count],
[Transition Field].[Test Automation Status],
[Test Automation Status].[Automated]

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Thank you @Elita.Kalane for your response.

So I had tried all of this actually but my data is not getting populated and am not sure why?

I have change history imported for “Test Automation Status” field

I have also added a custom measure with same formula you have listed but my table shows blank data

Can you please help in identifying what is missing piece?

Hello @lnayal

Can you please verify the following :

  • is your field “Test Automation Status” a single select custom field? The change history will only be available for single select fields
  • is you field “Test Automation Status” a scripted field? If so, the change history is not going to be available for scripted fields.

If “Test Automation Status” is a single select field and it is not a scripted field, can you please find an issue from 2022 and see (under History) that value for “Test Automation Status” has been changed? This check should be done to make sure that there is at least one issue that has had the value for “Test Automation Status” changed and the issue should be showing up in the report. Then we can work further to analyze why no values are returned by using the particular issue as the example for investigation.

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Elita from

Hello @Elita.Kalane ,

Yes I believe “Test Automation Status” is single select custom field. I can choose only 1 value for the field from the list if that is what single select means.

I have got 1 test which got this field updated in Dec 2022 but that doesn’t list in the report. Please guide from here.

Hello @lnayal

Thank you for following up!
To investigate the reason why no data is displayed, could you please do the following:

  1. Get JSON of that issue for which you know there was a change in Dec 2022:
    Open an issue in Jira. Modify the URL of the issue, replacing browse with rest/api/latest/issue and then add ?expand=changelog at the end of the URL. Save the JSON results of the issue as the file and send it to me.

  2. Please export and share the definition for your eazyBI report:
    Export and import report definitions

Send them to

Additionally, for checking the custom field type, please verify that through Jira issue settings (as shown in the screenshot below)

Looking forward to hearing from you! When you send the additional details to the support email, please mention my name (Elita), so that if my colleagues notice the email first, they can assign the email to.

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Elita from

Thank you @Elita.Kalane , I have shared details with

and I checked that custom field is single select field only.