Tracking Epic Growth Within a Status

Hi -

I would like to create a table that shows me the growth rate of an Epic’s story count from the time the epic transitions to our “In Progress” state to current time, filtered to only those epics that are currently “In Progress”. Output would be something like -

Can anyone help guide me in the right direction?



Hi @Joel_Orcutt,

The current story count you could easily get by using the Epic Link dimension with the Issues created measure - this would give total issues currently in the Epic.

The historical count of issues in epic at the moment it transitioned to in progress is not straightforward. While eazyBI has “Transition to status date” measures to get the first or last date of when the Epic transitioned to In Progress, there is no data in the eazyBI default data model of when the issues were added in the Epic.

I can suggest a Jira Misc or Scriptrunner calculation that can be imported to eazyBI for further analysis.
The calculation could be performed either from a story perspective - for each story, get the Epic transition to in progress date and compare if it was in the epic before the date; if yes, return 1.
Or you can calculate on Epic issue - get its in progress date and, based on the Epic change history, count how many issues were in it before this date.

Lauma /