Transform a JQL to a guage

project in (AA,BB) AND issuetype in (Story) AND status in (“In Progress”, “Under Review”) and sprint is EMPTY order by created DESC

How can I make it to gauge to show the total numbers of it?


Hi @wing ,
To create this measure, your first need to create an aggregate in Project and Status dimensions.
Project “AA & BB”:


Status “In Progress and Under Review”:

  [Status].[In Progress],
  [Status].[Under Review]

Then use the above members to create a tuple in your Measure dimension:

  [Measures].[Issues created],
  [Project].[DEMO Alpha],
  [Issue Type].[Story]
  [Sprint].[(no board)].[(no sprint)]

See also this presentation on how to translate JQL to eazyBI: Training videos on specific topics

Gerda //

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