Transition issue


OKRPG6-3212 issue resolved at 2018/11/19/08:53am also status change from ‘Open’ to ‘Resolved’.

but it does NOT counted at the Green Square BUT Red Square.

So If it works, Green square will be 97, Red square will be 24.
please help this problem.

p.s) I want to see the issue of the change of state for today. So, I used 'transition to status ’ of Measure Dimension and Transition Dimension. is it wrong?

Hi @Sungjoo!

Transitions to status would show every time issue makes this transition, not only the last time. Could it maybe be that it transitioned to resolved both in 18Nov and 19Nov? It is best to check these kinds of situations by adding Issue dimension to the report and filter by that issue.

Another guess is that maybe there are some inconsistencies with Time zone settings in eazyBI or Jira.

For us to further assist with investigations, could you send follwoing information to

  1. The issue changelog in JSON format. You can get it with following URL (change to your JIRA_BASE_URL): JIRA_BASE_URL/rest/api/latest/issue/OKRPG6-3212?fields=changelog&expand=changelog
  2. Screenshot of the above described report - the same report you have only adding Issue dimension to pages and selecting the OKRPG6-3212 issue.
  3. Screenshot from eazyBI Import Advanced settings where we can see the Time dimension Time zone configuration as well as what is Jira Server time zone?

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Hi, I’m Sungjoo

Most of all, thank you for your answer.
(I’m not good well in English, I hope your understanding.)

My Question is below URL.

I have seen your answer and I am attaching the data.( issue_changelog_OKRPG6_json.txt )

I saw this json log, but it does not have any 18 Nov changelog.

This is answer no.2
(Screenshot of the above described report - the same report you have only adding Issue dimension to pages and selecting the OKRPG6-3212 issue.)

And also, we didn’t use special Advanced time settings….

I would appreciate it if you could send me more information.
I think It seems to have something to do with time zone settings or may be different time zones when judging from internal logic.

Thank you,

Thank you for the additional information! I would suggest to continue this investigation over e-mail

  1. Could you expand the two entries on the 19th of Nov so we can see the items inside?
  2. OK
  3. The Time zone can be configured separately for each account in Source data import. Please send the screenshot from this account as below

    What is your Jira server time zone?

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I would like to over email, but it is difficult because my company’s security problems.

So. i uploaded data your requested.


OK, I received this and will investigate further. I just want to let you know that I saved locally the Issue JSON result and removed it from this request to not have it available for other community users.

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Hi @Sungjoo!

After some investigations, we have found that the problem could be because of older version of eazyBI. I see you are using 4.4.1. Please upgrade to latest eazyBI version and let me know if the problem still persists.

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