Transition Product Backlog to Sprint Backlog First Date

Working a SAFe implementation of which I’d like to acquire the first transition date from Product Backlog to Sprint Backlog. The result would be a more realistic representation of issue lead time, particularly if the issue spills over to one or more sprints. Utilizing this lead time (first transition to sprint backlog → last transition to done ) as a gauge-limit, and [measure].[progress days] (cycle time) as a gauge value is what I’d like to accomplish.

Such a predefined measure may be of benefit to others implementing SAFe.

Help please.


A possible solution to your case could be the following:

  1. Create two new calculated measures, by using TimestampToDate function and historical measurements. You can learn more about issue change history here. The documentation also shows steps to take, in case you don’t see these measures in your Measures dimension

This formula will return the date when the issue was first associated with a sprint. I’ve named this measure “Issue first date”

TimestampToDate(( [Measures].[Transition to first timestamp], 
 [Transition field].[Sprint] ))

This formula will return the date of the last time the issue status was set to "Done”. I’ve named this measure “Issue last date”

TimestampToDate(( [Measures].[Transition to last timestamp], 
[Transition Status].[Done] ))
  1. When you have created both measures, proceed with adding a new calculated measure to compare both dates by using DateDiffDays function.
DateDiffDays([Measures].[Issue first date], 
[Measures].[Issue last date])
  1. Using Issue Cycles measures, add the measure showing how many days the issue has spent in status “in Progress”.
    You should now have two columns - Issue cycles measure and the measure created in step 2.

4) Switch to the Gauge chart, setting your limits as in the example below



Let me know if I missed something and if you have some further questions!
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