Transition to Status in Sprint


I am trying to create a bar graph that will show how many times an issue was transitioned between certain statuses during a sprint. I’ve built the report, however, the data is not correct. Out of the 26 transitions in the Peer Review to In Progress transition, only 12 of those happened during the sprint shown (the others happened in previous sprints). In addition, the Code Review to In Progress transition has only happened 1 time during the sprint.

What should I update to get the report to show only those transitions that happened during the sprint? I thought using the Sprint dimension would accomplish this but it appears that is not working as I expected.

I was able to figure this issue out :grinning:.

Hi @Tina_McCoy
Great to hear you were able to solve it. Could you share your solution if someone else is searching for a similar solution?
Also, here you can find a similar solution:

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@gerda.grantina Of course! I created a new Calculated Measure to only get the transitions that happened during the sprint:

 ([Measures].[Transitions to status],
    [Sprint Status].[Active])
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