Treemaps, please!

There is one certain graph type that I am not able to implement with eazyBI. I see that in some discussions here, heatmaps are proposed to be used instead. But that one does not really fulfill my need. Currently I am producing raw data with eazyBI, then exporting it and put it to Excel to draw a treemap. Luckily, I only need to update this graph quarterly.

Anyway, would be nice to have a treemap graph in eazyBI. That would help me to kill another Excel!

My requirements:

  • It should basically work like the Excel treemap - there is a numeric value that specifies the size of each cell
  • There is a value that defines which text is shown in each cell as the cell name
  • The color of each cell should depend on “type” column like in Excel (in eazyBI this could as well be a measure column where I would like to then map the measure values to a color)

My example data below, which produces the graph attached:

Type Name Size
Program Program A 100
Program Program B 200
Epic Epic X 50
Epic Epic Y 60
Backlog Item 1 5
Backlog Item 2 2
Backlog Item 3 2
Backlog Item 4 2
Backlog Item 5 2
Backlog Item 6 2
Backlog Item 7 2
Backlog Item 8 2


Hi @marko.malmberg

We do have already a feature request for “Treemap” chart on our backlog and I upvoted it for you.
But I can’t promise any release dates for this feature yet.

Martins / eazyBI