Trend of issues based on custom field

Hi Team,

I have a custom field Overall status Delivery which tells about the overall status of Epic. I would like to know the trend of the issues based on the overall status. If the overall status is updated as Green this week, it should show none for previous week as the status has not been updated previous week. Please help me with this issue. Thank you so much in advance.

Hi @hemasreem
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I recommend starting with importing issue change history (Import issue change history) for your custom field “Overall status Delivery” (learn here - Import issue change history about how to enable the Custom Field history for your account). Note! you can only import issue history for single select custom fields.

When you have imported the issue history for your custom field, you could try defining a new calculated measure with formula below and checking if the report returns the expected results.

([Measures].[Transitions to],
[Transition Field].[Overall status Delivery],
[Overall status Delivery].[Green])

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